Tips for ScoutSMART

We have developed extensive help files within ScoutSMART. You can access them from the Home Page in ScoutSMART. They provide a wealth of information and help you build a clean and functional database.

Never again rummage through a pile of papers for an important piece of information critical to making a decision. Learn to use the easy and powerful find features incorporated into ScoutSMART. We have a Help Section written for that purpose.

Our consulting businesses are built on relationships. When you meet the new hired hand or the client’s son has a newborn record those names in our Client section. We even have a database field for Miscellaneous Data – you may even want to record the family dog’s name.

Enter vital information concerning field physical properties, irrigation, and historical yields and cropping practices in Permanent Field Data. Enter data once – use it the rest of your crop consulting career.

For those of you going mobile with iPhone and iPad try using the dictation feature by selecting the microphone on your IOS keyboard when making irrigation comments or field report comments. There are some great tutorials on the web explaining the power and rules of dictation with an IOS device.

Maintain your ScoutSMART database and it will add value to your business when it is time to transfer ownership.

After you have completed your work in the Crop Planning Tab of Annual Field Data then print several copies of the Field Report titled Planting Records. Give these to your client to place in the planter tractors and seed tender. The Planting Records Report is designed to help your client implement your recommendations. If things do not go as planned, your client will have an area to record the changes that were made so that you can be made aware of those changes.

Use the Scouting Tab of Annual Field Data to help prepare your scouting route. Enter the Day of the Week, Time of Day, and Scouting Order you expect to be scouting your fields. This information is then useful for printing the ScoutSMART Scouting forms in the order you would like to have them displayed.

ScoutSMART scouting forms are one of the features I like the most about ScoutSMART. Our scouting forms are a condensed version of last week’s field reports. Take our scouting forms with you to the field and refresh your memory on field history prior to scouting. You can record your current scouting notes on this form if you wish.

Many times the Printing Order is the same as the Scouting Order for field reports. Possibly you would like to have the ability to print in a custom order – such as printing all of a certain landlord’s field reports together in the print routine. Inserting your desired Printing Order in the Scouting tab of Annual Field Data and then sorting for Printing Order prior to implementing the print command will allow your field reports to print in the order you want.

The Planting Records tab in Annual Field Data is where you record what actually happened at planting. Notice the yellow button marked, “Import Crop Planning”. When you click this button your recommendations for hybrids, seed treatment, and seeding rates will be imported to this form and appear in the Field History section of all field reports.

In the Harvest section of Annual Field Data you will see another yellow button that is marked, “Copy to Permanent Field Data”. Once you have recorded average field yield just click the yellow button and a copy of the crop, yield and field notes will be transferred to the Crop Yield tab in Permanent Field Data.

Annual Field Data – History tab: This is an easy place to see the whole story. You should not have to add any data in this tab but you can alter data here if you need to make corrections. You can go to the Field History Field Report and print a professional appearing copy of this information for your client.

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