ScoutSMART has greatly increased our efficiency through the summer. The ability to have all the information in such a rapidly accessible and easy to use format has allowed us to grow our summer business without adding to the length of our days. Our customers really appreciate the report formats and the ability to receive their reports via e-mail. I would strongly recommend ScoutSMART to any crop consultant.

Brian Bresnahan
Bresnahan Consulting, LLC - Benedict, NE

It improved my speed in doing reports as well as clients didn't have to interpret my hand written reports. ScoutSMART was able to email out reports which more and more farmers are going to this standard. I waited a few years before jumping into the computer reports, and I am glad I finally did with ScoutSMART!

Pat Ellis

Outdoor Agronomics - West Point, NE

I’ve just completed my permanent and annual field info for the ScoutSMART program. I really like it! After a few fields I got on to it and in a few hours completed all the info needed to get this season started. I’m really looking forward to using this program. I think you really got it right with the FileMaker Pro as it seems pretty easy to use and I just love the templates you’ve got in there to help get started. Thanks for the great work, I’m really looking forward to using the software.

Matt Furlong
Elwood, NE

The single most important feature that I have found with ScoutSMART and my scouting business
is the ease of looking up prior records. Before ScoutSMART if a farmer had a question about the past
weeks scouting reports we would have to go through our files and find them – and hope that we had
them in that truck. Now we just update each other’s computers every night and we have all of the
information at the click of a mouse. ScoutSMART has really helped with the overall efficiency of our
scouting operation and helps to maintain the outstanding service we strive to provide our customers

Spencer Hagemeyer
T&T Seed Express - Cortland, NE

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