What are minimum system requirements?

ScoutSMART was created with the powerful FileMaker Pro database as its foundation. Minimum system requirements for installation on computer hard drive can be found at the following link: FileMaker Pro. For our cloud users, a device with good internet service is all that is required.

What is the cost?

ScoutSMART can be deployed in two different methods via our cloud services or on your local hard drive.   ScoutSMART is licensed on a subscription basis. Pricing is dependent on deployment method and the number of users within your organization.   Contact us for accurate pricing for your business.

Is there a mobile version of ScoutSMART?

The world is going mobile and ScoutSMART Go is our cloud hosting service.  Cloud hosting will make record sharing among multiple employees and / or devices simple and easy.  With the download of the free Filemaker Go app your database will also be available to you on your IOS device.  Instead of typing in your field report comments, dictate to your IOS device.  

How do I purchase the product?

Contact us and we will make sure that you are set up in the most effective manner to meet your specific business needs.

Product updates?

One of my software development advisors told me that a database is never finished. After working with ScoutSMART since 2009 I whole heartedly agree!! I am always thinking of ways to make ScoutSMART handier and our customers are thinking of new tasks that they would like to have ScoutSMART perform. We appreciate your ideas so that we may incorporate them into the software package you are using. You can contact me at any time at: mkottmeyer@gmail.com

Can I send my reports via email?

Any report that you create with ScoutSMART can be sent easily as a pdf file attachment to an email.

How do I start building my database?

One of the first things that you will see on the Home Screen is a button that says Getting Started. Click that button and it will guide you through the simple and intuitive procedure for building a ScoutSMART database for your consulting business.

Are soil sample results integrated into ScoutSMART?

No, but I would not be without our companion database, SampleSMART. SampleSMART is used in conjunction with ScoutSMART as we write fertilizer recommendations. SampleSMART is the best place to store, find, sort, and analyze all your lab data including soil, tissue, manure, slurry, disease, and nematode tests. Test data can be imported to SampleSMART via multiple file formats – eliminating the need to manually enter data into your SampleSMART database

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