• Simplifies billing.
  • Consolidates most crop consulting business needs into one software package.
  • Reduces duplication of data entry.
  • Scout more confidently with ScoutSMART scouting forms.
  • Helps new hires and summer interns to become organized quickly and efficiently.
  • ScoutSMART scouting forms directs interns to the next field.
  • Summarizes historical records for you.
  • Creates summary reports for pesticide treatments and fertilizer recommendations.
  • Calculates plant populations and soil moisture status.
  • Field history presented weekly on field reports.
  • Enter Permanent Field Data once for the rest of your crop consulting career.
  • Increases efficiency for your crop consulting company.
  • Improves communication with your clients.
  • Puts the data you collect to work.
  • Auto fill feature helps to eliminate mistakes and reduces keyboard time.
  • Summarizes key agronomic information for your clients.
  • A well maintained ScoutSMART database adds value to your business.
  • Improves implementation of your recommendations.

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